Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps is a sequel to Wall Street where Jake a young stockbrokers who wanted to seek revenge for his mentor death and with the help of his fiancée father Gordon Gekko, who wanted to repair his relationship with his daughter until everything seems to be fine when Gekko betrayed them and runs away with the money.


  • Oliver Stone

Main Cast:

  • Michael Douglas as Gordon Gekko
  • Shia LaBeouf as Jacob “Jake” Moore
  • Carey Mulligan as Winnie Gekko
  • Josh Brolin as Bretton James
  • Susan Sarandon as Jake’s Mother
  • Frank Langella as Louis Zabel
  • Eli Wallach as Julius Steinhardt
  • Austin Pendleton as Dr. Masters
  • Oliver Stone as Investor
  • Charlie Sheen as Bud Fox


  • Drama

Running Time:

  • 133 mins

Release Date in United States:

  • 2010/09/24


The story continues in the Sequel of Wall Street where in 2001 Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas) released from prison serving eight years behind bars for inside trading while leaving the prison hoping for someone to pick him up but unluckily there is no one to come for him.

Seven years later in June 2008 during the USA financial collapse, Jacob “Jake” Moore (Shia LaBeouf) was sleeping being wake up by his girlfriend Winnie (Carey Mulligan). Jake turns on the television and saw Gordon Gekko being interview for his latest book which is “Is Greed Good?” Winnie saw the interview and get upset turning the television off and throw the remote control. Gekko is Winnie father that is no longer close due to his greediness. Later Jake drives a motorbike to drop Winnie at her workplace and Jake goes to work at Keller Zabel Investments during the meeting Jake want to raise more money for a fusion research project where there will be a alternative source of energy in the future but the boards doesn’t agree with him instead the boards wanted to invest in Hyrda offshore which been heavily funded by their rival firm Churchill Schwartz. Jake visited his mentor Louis Zabel (Frank Langella) which is the owner of Keller Zabel Investments and Louis gave Jake a cheque worth almost $1.5 million bonus and tell Jake to settle down with Winnie.

Next day Keller Zabel stocks is plummeting to 21.50 per share a -52% loss. Jake had invest a lot money in this stocks and still he doesn’t want to sell it due to the fundamentals of this company and Jake wanted to talk to Louis but he didn’t came to work and Jake goes and find him and ask him if Keller Zabel is going to go under, but Louis tell him he asking the wrong question the right question is “Who isn’t going under?”. Later Louis meets with the chairmen of the US Treasury at the Federal Reserve which he is arranging for a bailout in his firm from other Wall Street banks but it been blocked by Bretton James (Josh Brolin), head of rival firm Churchill Schwartz which Louis Zabel had refused to bailout eight years ago instead James offer him that he will buy Keller Zabel stock for a $3 per share against its $75 a week ago which is an insult to Louis with a lot of bargaining still the offer price didn’t change. Next morning Louis committed suicide because of the pressure of losing his company.

Jake attends a lecture at Fordham University given by Gekko about promoting his new book “Is Greed Good?” after the lecture Jake approaches Gekko and tell him that he will marry his daughter while they both riding a train in the subway Gekko tells him that it’s been a long time since she have spoken with his daughter due to his brother committed suicide and blaming him for his death and Jake saw a childhood photo of Winnie at Gekko wallet and tell him if he can have it, Gekko offer him a trade for a recent photos of his daughter and this is where they started trading information to their own good. Gekko tells him that Keller Zabel was in trouble the minute someone started the rumors and tells him to find the one who profited in Keller Zabel collapse. Jake research that Bretton profited the downfall of Keller Zabel in order to avenge the death of Louis, Jake spread false rumors about nationalizing an oil rig which Bretton company owns and he losses $120 million in that incident and Bretton ask Jake for a meeting and he was impressed and wanted to hire him, Jake accepted the offers to be able to draw closer to Bretton.

Few days later, Jake visits Gekko apartment and give her recent photo as promise and tells Gekko that he was working under Bretton, Gekko tells him that he suspect Bretton for his extra period in jail and Jake is confused, Bud Fox (Charlie Sheen) is the one who testify the inside trading but the other bad activities that Gekko done, he suspect Bretton who testify which he and Bretton had a falling out back in 1988. Gekko want another trade with Jake is to have face to face conversation with his daughter. Jake set-up a dinner for Gekko and Winnie to unite again but before they talk to each other, Gekko saw an important businessman and introduce himself that made Winnie angry and tell his father that he hadn’t change his greediness and leave the restaurant, Jake pursue Winnie and she tells him don’t go back in there or he will destroy them.

At Churchill Schwartz Bretton appoints one of his men to present a research to a Chinese businessman about the next big thing in energy but the Chinese was not impressed and Jake swipe in with his fusion research which the Chinese are interested and Bretton again is impressed on Jake initiative and is glad that the firm had made more money. Meanwhile around the party Gekko accidentally bump into Bud Fox where he also sentence in jail, he went to build and invest in Bluestar airline (Wall Street) and later sold the company then retired as a millionaire and Bud wishes Gekko well and tell him stay out of trouble. Gekko approaches Winnie and Jake at Bretton’s table but Winnie left when Gekko arrives, Gekko and Bretton had a few words toward each other then Gekko finds Winnie outside and the two united with some intense conversations. Bretton tell Jake that the Chinese is going to invest $150 million on the fusion research and Jake is very happy and immediately tell Dr. Masters (Austin Pendleton).

Weeks later the USA market collapse and Jake tells Winnie that the world will end but Winnie tells Jake is unacceptable because he is pregnant and Jake was excited happy. Bretton calls Jake into the office but instead he been transported by an helicopter to another place and where they meet, they had a motorcycle racing which Jake wins the match and later Bretton tells jake that the Chinese  is not going to invest in Fusion anymore but into fossil fuel which made Jake very angry and quit the job. Jake tells Gekko about the incident and told Jake there is another plan that is to withdraw the $100 trust fund which Gekko set up in the 80’s when she was born. Jake consulted Winnie about the funds and they flew to Switzerland to get the money where Winnie signs the money over to Jake. Jake then entrust the money to Gekko to fund the fusion research. Shortly after they return the New York and received a call from Dr. Masters that the money didn’t arrive and immediately Jake go to Gekko apartment and leaving with no things inside. Jake later talk to Winnie about the incident and Winne was upset and broke up the engagement with Jake. Later Jake track Gekko in England where he already set-up a financial company using the $100 million trust fund, Jake offers him one last trade is to return the money in exchange a happy family with his future grandson but Gekko neglected the offer and tell Jake that “trade that he cannot make”

Over the next few weeks, by using the previous information collected by Gekko about Bretton, Jake tells Winnie to publish in her website. Winnie runs the story and Bretton was kicked out by the board of directors and Bretton was under investigation for his crime that he previously done. Board of directors led by banker Julius Scherhart (Eli Wallach) successfully do business with Gekko, Gekko once again a billionaire where he turns the $100 milion that he stole from his daughter into billions. That night Jake visited Winnie where Gekko is also around and tells them that he had deposited $100 million in fusion research account anonymously. Now Gekko attain his aim becoming a billionaire by using the money he stole from his daughter and also returned the money to them. He tells them that make a good couple and after giving birth three of them celebrate their son and grandson birthday.

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