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Whitney Eve Port grew up in Los Angeles, California. She was born on March 4, 1985, being the middle child in the family with two older siblings and two younger siblings. Her father owns a fashion company named Swarm.

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She went to Warner Avenue Elementary School, after which she attended Crossroads School for the Arts and Sciences. She studied at the University of Southern California and graduated with a degree in Gender Studies. She later on became a TV personality, an author, and clothing designer.

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She worked as an intern for Women’s Wear Daily before she ended up in Teen Vogue. She also spent three summers as an intern for W magazine. Whitney Port got noticed when she became one of the main characters for MTV’s reality series The Hills, through which she was able to walk the runway during a Los Angeles Fashion Week as she modeled for DKNY Jeans.

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In 2007, she experienced what she considers to be her least glamorous moment. Vogue magazine’s editor at large asked her to model at a Good Morning America show. She went there wearing the dress that Hilary Swank wore at the 2005 Academy Awards.

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While she was going down the stairs, she tripped and fell but gracefully regained her composure at once. Her supervisor, Lisa Love, commended her for handling the incident well. By the end of The Hills’ second season, the reality TV actress became Teen Vogue’s Fashion Contributor.

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After working in Teen Vogue for a while, she went to work in People’s Revolution in 2007. The following year, Whitney Port was interviewed by Diane von Furstenberg, and she was accepted to work with the famous designer in New York. Later on, she went back to People’s Revolution.

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The reality show actress’ own TV series The City, which was a spinoff of The Hills, aired on December 29, 2008. The City’s first season got a boost of audience share mainly because the people followed the interesting developments in the actress’ love life. However, when she broke up with boyfriend Jay Lyon, the show suffered poor ratings.

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It was temporarily stopped midway of the first season. In September 2009, the second half of the first season was aired, and it focused on her developing the Whitney Eve clothing line, which primarily featured cocktail and party wardrobe. The City was renewed for another season, which featured the launching of her clothing line, but unfortunately, it was canceled after season two.

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Whitney Port expressed interest in acting but admitted that she was waiting for the right role. She was not majorly interested in it, however, as revealed by her friend Lauren Conrad. She wanted to do acting only as a hobby.

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The actress appeared in cameo roles in Family Guy and Entourage, and she was also seen in Hollywood Is Like High School with Money, an online series that she produced. She became the host of Genuine Ken, an online reality game show. Whitney Port wrote a book called True Whit: Designing a Life of Style, Beauty, and Fun, which was launched in February 2011.

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