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Dubbed one of the most beautiful spies in history, Anna Chapman became famous after being arrested along with nine others on suspicion of working as a spy for the Russian government. After a photograph of her appeared in the media, everyone in New York City became obsessed with the redheaded Russian vixen, calling her ‘the modern Bond girl’. Since her return to Russia, she has become an instant international celebrity.

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Born on February 23, 1982 in Volgograd, Russia, Anna Vasil’yevna Chapman was living for two years in New York City when she was busted in June 2010 as part of the 11-person spy ring from Russia. She pleaded guilty and was sent back to Russia in July under the United States-Russia prisoner exchange. With her pretty looks, sexy clothes and flirtatious character, she charmed the entire nation, which started referring to her as a ‘Femme Fatale’ of the spy world.

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Anna Chapman lived in the United Kingdom before moving to the US. While staying in Britain, she married Alex Chapman, an Englishman, and thus gained British citizenship. With her English-sounding name and British passport, she easily blended into New York society.

Anna Chapman Pics

After she divorced her husband in 2006, Chapman moved to New York City, just one block away from the Wall Street. While living in New York, she claimed to have operated a company fronting as a website devoted to selling real estate across the world. During her stay in New York, she spent most of her time attending society events and charity functions, while trying to get close with VIPs.

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She also enjoyed blogging, clubbing and frequenting city hot spots such as Greenhouse, Thompson Hotel, Greenhouse and Juliet while forwarding intel back to Russia. She and the other spies were intended to develop ‘connections on policymakers’ based on court documents. However, it is still uncertain what secrets she found out.

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Anna Chapman along with other spies only stayed briefly in custody. On July 2010, they were deported to Russia in a spy exchange deal and her fellow Russians welcomed her home. She even received an honor for her contribution from the Russian government.

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Later on, she was appointed with a position from the Young Guard of the United Russia party. She also visited the party’s leader and Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. While most spies were given new lives and new identities, Chapman retained her identity and continued to use her popularity for her benefit.

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Portraying her sexy spy persona, Chapman graced the cover of Russian Maxim in sexy Agent Provocateur lingerie for its October issue. In April 2011, she strutted on the runway as a model at Shiyan & Rudkovskaya show for the Moscow Fashion Week. Holding a masters degree in economics, she worked as an adviser for Fund service Bank, a financial institution in Moscow.

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Although she has rejected movie offers, she has appeared on her own weekly television show ‘Mysteries of the World with Anna Chapman’. Chapman is working in the venture capital industry while trying to raise funds to support her country’s technology sector. She also became an editor for a business magazine.

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In June 2011, Anna Chapman testified in the trial of Alexander Poteyev, a Russian double agent who escaped to the US just before Anna and her fellow spies were arrested. Poteyev was found guilty of state desertion and treason and was convicted in absentia, as he already fled the country. Poteyev was sentenced to 25 years in prison and was deprived of his military position.


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