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Debuted on June 2006, Kelly Kelly became the youngest wrestling Diva in World Wrestling Entertainment. A self-proclaimed exhibitionist, she has been popular for her trademark ring striptease dubbed as ‘Kelly Kelly’s Expose’. From the very start, her positive attitude and bright smile have made her much loved by many WWE fans.

Barbara Blank

Barbara Jean ‘Barbie’ Blank in real life, she was born on January 15, 1987 in Jacksonville, Florida. Besides her smooth moves in wrestling, she is a model, dancer and valet. She was a huge fan of professional wrestling as a child and mentions Stone Cold Steve Austin as her favorite.

Barbara Jean Barbie Blank

In school, she was initially into gymnastics for ten years but forced to stop due to an injury, which led her into cheerleading. After graduating in high school, she attended college and took up broadcast journalism in hopes of becoming a TV anchor. She was in modeling, often appearing as a promo and bikini model for calendars in Florida.

barbie blank kelly kelly

While working as a model, Blank was spotted by a WWE official who got interested in signing her to a contract despite her lack of experience in wrestling. Kelly Kelly was invited to try-out in Ohio Valley Wrestling. After passing the try-out, she signed a contract in May 2006, where she first became a ring announcer, then referee and later, a wrestler.

Kelly Kelly Feet

She first debuted on WWE’s ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling) brand as Kelly Kelly. Her ring name was originally just ‘Kelly’ but was expanded by Vince McMahon. As the youngest Diva on the main WWE roster, she was introduced as an exhibitionist doing a striptease that eventually became her own weekly segment called ‘Kelly Kelly’s Expose’.

Kelly Kelly Hot

Mike Knox, her on-screen boyfriend, was not pleased with her stripping so he once came to stage with a towel to cover her, dragging her to backstage. He told her to stay on the ringside with him so he could keep an eye on her. The act led her to become his wrestling valet.

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She later got involved in Knox’s feuds including his against The Sandman and Tommy Dreamer. She has also shown attraction for CM Punk, which caused Knox to be jealous. It ended up with him fighting CM Punk to win Kelly.

Kelly Kelly Pictures

In general, Blank has played an integral part in several storylines made up by WWE. Majority of the stories involve relationships with male wrestlers, jealousies, catfights, love triangles and wrestling matches with different other women in WWE. In addition, her stripping act eventually changed into a spin-off segment called ‘Extreme Expose’, alongside Layla El and Brooke Adams.

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However, the segment was dissolved, with Blank being transferred to the RAW brand. She teamed up with Mickie James and fought against Jillian Hall and Layla. From there, she has since competed in a number of tag team matches.

Kelly Kelly

Besides wrestling, Kelly Kelly made a cameo appearance in Timbaland’s music video Throw It On Me. She also did a photo spread, along with Brooke Adams and Layla El, for FHM Online. She also appeared on TV shows not related to wrestling including Celebrity Fit Club: Boot Camp and Soccer AM.



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